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Mental Health Disorders

Mental Health Disorders Training: each sub-module takes approximately 10 minutes to read.
Upon completion of this module, the employee will have a general understanding of the most common
mental health disorders, symptoms and possible causes of these mental health disorders, and the current
best practices in the treatment of these disorders.

Training activities:

    1. Read overview of Borderline Personality Disorders:  
    2. Read overview of Anxiety Disorders:
    3. Read overview of Bipolar Disorder: 
    4. Read overview of Depression:
    5. Read overview of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder:
    6. Read overview of PTSD:
    7. Read overview of Schizophrenia:
    8. Read overview of Schizoaffective Disorder:
    9. Read overview of Eating Disorders:
    10. Read overview of Early Psychosis and Psychosis:
    12. Complete Mental Health Disorders Acknowledgement and Verification Training form 

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