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Mandated Reporting

Mandated Reporting Requirements for Custodians Training: 50 Minutes
Upon completion of this training module, the employee will:
  • Have an understanding of the Protection of People with Special Needs Act, including who is a vulnerable person.
  • Have an understanding of reporting requirements of mandated reporters, what constitutes a reportable incident, how to report an incident, what information is required to report, and what happens after the incident is reported.
  • Have access to resources from oversight agencies to reference at any time.

Training Activities
  1. View "Reporting Requirements for Custodians Video". See video link below.
  2. Read and review Mandated Reporting Requirements
  3. View " Recorded Call Example for Custodians". See video link below.
  4. Review ONLY (review only for your additional information) Resources for Mandated Reporters
  5. Questions? Please ask your manager or call Sheila Horch, Quality Management and Training Coordinator 716-366-7792 Ext 206. 
  6. Complete Acknowledgement and Verification Training form

Reporting Requirements for Custodians Video

Mandated Reporter Recorded Call by Custodians

Feb 7, 2018, 6:56 AM