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Corporate Compliance

Corporate Compliance Program Annual Training: 25 Minutes
Upon completion of this training module, the employee will:
  • Know the purpose of the corporate compliance plan
  • Be familiar with and adhere to the mission statement, values, principles, and ethics of STEL.
  • Understand the definitions of fraud, false claims, abuse/misuse, and conflict of interest.
  • Have the ability to spot fraud, false claims, abuse/misuse, or conflicts of interest, and know how to report them.
  • Be familiar with the monitoring and auditing systems which ensure STEL is operating ethically and with integrity.
  • Understand the compliance plan, including the policies and procedures related to their position within the agency, so they may perform their duties ethically and with integrity.

Training Activities
  1. View "Corporate Compliance Program Annual Training Video". See video link below.
  2. Read and review STEL's Corporate Compliance Plan.
  3. Questions? Please ask your manager or call Sheila Horch, Quality Management and Training Coordinator 716-366-7792 Ext 206. 
  4. Complete and sign the  Acknowledgement and Verification Training form.  Return to your manager. All forms mailed to Human Resources.

Corporate Compliance Program Annual Training Video

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