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Easy Time Clock for Managers

Review & Edit Time Sheets, and Entering Accrued Hours

  1. Choose "Time Card" tab, then "Edit".
  2. Review date, people and hours filters. Under the "people filter" choose employee(s) by selecting the drop down list.
  3. Review time card entries and modify as necessary.
  1. Change Clock-In/Out - Enter new time in hour and minute format (12:15 pm).If a manager amends an employee's clock-in/out time an "Entry Note" note must be entered explaining why the time was amended (e.g. "Employee clocked in prior to shift start. The employee performed no work prior to scheduled start time.")
  2. Adding Accrued Time Entry - Under the heading "New Time Card Entries" select the correct date, under Entry Style choose selection list and select "hours", entered "accrued hours used" in the "hours" column. Finally, go to the Department/PTO column select the drop down list and choose the appropriate accrued time type (this is located at the bottom of the list).
  3.  IMPORTANT Save Changes to Time Card Edit - Upon completion of any edit(s) click on the "Save Changes" button.

Approve Time Card for Payroll

  1. After the employee's time card is adjusted, reviewed and is ready for approval click on "Approve for Payroll".
  2. In the event a time card edit is required after it was marked "Approve" click on "Remove Approval for Payroll", amend time card, then click on "Approve for Payroll".

Look Up Employee Accrued Time

  1. Choose "Reports" Tab.
  2. Under "Miscellaneous" heading choose "PTO Usage".
  3. Go to "People Filter" "Employee" choose selection list and choose employee name.
  4. Accrued time balances will appear under "PTO Summary".