posted Sep 26, 2017, 6:22 AM by Swan, Vivian

Debbie Welka has been the Housekeeper for over two years at STM.  As the Housekeeper, she do a great job of keeping 24 rooms neat, clean, laundry completed, etc.  Debbie also informs the Administrator whenever there are special needs in the house or maintenance problems that need to be called in that she cannot address herself.  Not only does she clean, but Debbie manages to take residents to appointments, advocates for their care when there are special circumstances, and makes sure that any needs are addressed with the Administrator. Debbie recently made sure that two clients, who were having problems, were taken to their doctor appointments.  She worked with their providers to ensure they had the assistance and interventions they needed. Debbie will come to the Administrator on a regular basis and indicate any concerns she has for the clients.  Debbie is quick to respond when there is an unplanned outing or a doctor’s appointment that Carts cannot transport.  She always does so with no problem, and is willing to help. Debbie is a great team player and a good advocate for our residents.   Congratulations!