October 2018

posted Oct 30, 2018, 7:53 AM by Swan, Vivian

Jamie (Willie) Tell is employee of the month.  Supported Housing recently had an audit of our Erie County OMH program.  The results were overwhelmingly positive regarding STEL as an agency, our Erie County program and Jamie as a Supported Housing Counselor. Jamie handles an extremely varied caseload, both in terms of consumers and location, ranging from the city of Buffalo to Gowanda in Cattaraugus County.  Jamie deals with a wide range of issues and entities independently and in an efficient manner.  He utilizes area resources and collateral treatment providers in order to enrich consumer’s lives.  The Erie County auditors praised both his face-to-face interactions with consumers and his written work. The auditors described one interaction as “master’s level work” and his progress notes as “the best I have ever seen.”  Thank you Jamie for thriving in the face of these unique challenges and circumstances in Erie County.  Congratulations!