November 2020

posted Nov 30, 2020, 1:08 PM by Swan, Vivian

Jodie Slaugenhaupt, RC at OTAP is the staff member of the month.  Tina Capito states that she is an incredibly hard worker who goes to great lengths to ensure her clients are safe and that their needs are met.  Jodie is very proactive with treatment and has amazing insight into our dually diagnosed residents.  On 10/24, one of the Affordable Housing tenants passed away.  Jodie spent three hours with his distraught partner, comforting her and making sure she was safe until her family arrived to help her.  Jodie facilitated the tenant's interaction with police and EMT's, and also spoke to her family to provide needed information and make sure they brought food and other needed items for the tenant, she could not yet enter her apartment.  Jodie was not required to do any of these things for someone who is not a STEL client.  It is a testament to her empathy, and what a kind person she is, that Jodie took the time to comfort this individual and work with first responders to make sure that the deceased tenant was cared for.  Jodie also facilitated informing OTAP residents of the tenant's death as all in the program knew him.  I want to personally thank Jodie for handling this difficult situation with confidence and grace, and for all of her hard work at OTAP.