November 2019

posted Nov 26, 2019, 11:23 AM by Swan, Vivian

Emily Garey, RM at the Aldrich Street Community Residence as well as Gowanda Treatment Apartment Program was nominated by Kristie Kleine as employee of the month. Emily has been a very valued employee at the Gowanda licensed housing programs for just over 10 years now. Emily is an exceptional residential manager who defines and possesses all the qualities of a leader. Emily’s ability to do what she does is apparent in her success with building and sustaining the sense of oneness at two licensed programs. Emily is a key person at both programs, and she is mutually adored and respected by all clients and staff in the Gowanda area. Emily’s sensitivity to the needs’ of others is truly a precious human ability and is apparent in Emily's natural ability to connect with our clients. Emily makes our residents feel strong and capable by listening, asking questions, providing support, and advocating. She makes our clients feel like anything is possible, and  connects people to their need to be in charge of their own lives and enables others to be even better than they already are. Most importantly, Emily is positive and upbeat, generating the emotional energy that enables our clients to flourish. Our team is most appreciative of Emily’s compassion, guidance, support, dedication, knowledge, resilience and willingness to accept a challenge and to embrace it. Emily, you are a huge asset to this agency and it is my pleasure to recognize you as someone who undoubtedly demonstrates outstanding service to our consumers and co-workers. Congratulations, Emily!