May 2017

posted May 30, 2017, 1:16 PM by Swan, Vivian

Lori Karalus, RM of JTAP is the staff member of the month.  Stacey Thomas wrote, I have many reasons for wanting to nominate Lori, but I feel that her compassion for our residents and our Mission Statement, speak volumes.  As most of you know, the Consumer Council Meeting is held every other month at JTAP.  Lori always assures that she cooks a wonderful lunch with dessert for our consumers to enjoy during the meeting.  Every month, we hold a Resident Meeting with our residents and Lori goes all out to cook them a home-cooked meal.  Lori doesn't just order pizza or throw some lunch meat on a tray, she comes in bright and early and starts to prepare a nice meal with dessert.  Keep in mind, that every other month the Consumer Council Meeting and Resident meeting are in the same week so Lori cooks two days in a row.  I think what really sticks out for me though, is what Lori does for the holidays.  I'm pretty sure most programs prepare dinners on all the major holidays, but Lori goes above and beyond for our guys.  She comes in at the crack of dawn and begins to prepare a feast with all the trimmings.  Lori's famous words, "nobody should have to spend the holidays without family or a good meal." Lori prepares a meal that all our residents rave about. She sets the table, rolls the silverware, places centerpieces on the table and then puts all the food out so that it appears just like you were at home...desserts included.  Lori even goes as far as to tell our guys that if they have family or friends who will be alone on the holidays, to bring them to our dinner, as Lori does not want anyone to be by themselves.  For Easter, we enjoyed the company of another resident from another program.  It really is all about family to Lori and it shows in all she does for our residents and other residents as well.  I am so motivated and driven by the love and compassion that Lori has shown since I have worked for JTAP.  Lori truly exemplifies what STEL is all about, and I am proud to work for such an amazing woman.   Congratulations!