May 2016

posted May 27, 2016, 7:41 AM by Swan, Vivian

Charmaine Patterson, STM recently took over the medication room as the Resident Care Coordinator. During the time Charmaine has been in her position, she has made numerous improvements. Due to our being guided by DOH regulations, we have to have our Medical Consults and Mental Health Evaluations perfect and filled out 100%, which does not always happen. Charmaine has completed many 3122 forms to be re-submitted to the doctor and has continued to follow up to ensure that these forms get returned in a timely manner. This involves filling out paperwork, faxing the papers and then making phone calls when the  papers are not sent back. This is all done while completing her day-to-day task of setting residents up for appointments, setting up Carts, completing paperwork, distributing medications, checking Medication paperwork, and addressing residents needs. Char does all this with a positive attitude and with attention to the needs of our residents. Char has worked with staff to create forms and filing systems to improve our medication management. I feel that Char has given her position an all out effort and has done an great job of improving the operations and medication compliance at STM.  She deserves recognition for her hard work. Congratulations!