March 2012

posted Mar 30, 2012, 9:18 AM by Swan, Vivian
Kim Johnston is an AC at the Prendergast CR.  She is fairly new to the agency, but has demonstrated commitment to the job and the group home residents.  Kim has gone above and beyond in a number of situations.  Prendergast CR has been undergoing some staffing changes which have left us understaffed for some time. Kim is always willing to cover during emergency situations, and although she is a part time AC, Kim has been working full time hours for the past couple of months.  Kim has also attended the UCR guideline training and is assisting staff with completing monthly services.  Kim's compassion and caring attitude make her an invaluable asset to staff and residents alike.  Her willingness to go above and beyond the expectations of her job have made our transition far easier.  Congratulations, Kim!