June 2020

posted Jun 29, 2020, 8:37 AM by Swan, Vivian

Kassandra Miranda, RM is the staff member of the month for her exemplary work ethic and genuine dedication to the residents and staff at the Prendergast program.  Bob Roth stated, since taking over the management responsibilities in December of last year, Kassandra has ensured  that personalized care and support is provided each day. Kassandra has done an excellent job of fostering cooperation and team work, and her willingness to work extended shifts, weekends, and her on-call availability is a great example to staff and residents. Recently one of her consumers lost his life to an unintentional drug overdose despite many life-saving interventions by the medical facility.  Throughout this tragic event, Kassandra made herself available to provide support and guidance to this individual 's family, as well as the staff and consumers at Prendergast.  Kassandra is a caring, compassionate individual who demonstrates a genuine interest in the well being of others.  I am pleased to recognize Kassandra as someone who demonstrates outstanding service to our consumers and staff members.  Congratulations!