June 2019

posted Jul 1, 2019, 11:30 AM by Swan, Vivian

Joan Wesolowski has worked two nights a week as a part time Associate Counselor for three years at the Olean CR.  Joan is always willing to work relief when needed.  Joan has demonstrated an exceptional ability to remain calm and focused during a crisis.  I have often heard Joan respond with the words "safety first."  Recently Joan prevented a potential tragedy at the residence.  In the early morning hours, Joan was alerted by a consumer that there was a fire in her bedroom.  Joan found a box of tissues and blouse burning on top of a metal cabinet.  Joan had been moping the floor in an adjacent room and extinguished the fire by pouring water from the mop bucket on the fire.  Police and fire departments investigated the fire.  None of the consumers in the residence were harmed or disturbed.  There was no damage to the residence.  A few months ago, Joan reported for a 4 PM to midnight relief shift, two hours after the passing of a consumer at the residence.  Joan assisted with med counts and maintaining the normal evening routine for consumers.  Joan's decisions and actions are based on her belief in safety, respect, and kindness with regard to the consumers.  Joan's wellness to be a team player and assist wherever she can is greatly appreciated.  Thank you Joan and congratulations!