June 2018

posted Jun 27, 2018, 8:18 AM by Swan, Vivian

Stacey Fox, Compeer Director, is the staff member of the month.  To help fund the Compeer youth program, Stacey plans a Compeer Fore Youth Golf Tournament held in June.  She has done an excellent job in raising money for this program.  She is able to get donations and gift baskets for the auctions.  There is a lot of time and hard work involved in getting prepared for the tournament.  With the Compeer adult program, Stacey tries to get as many Compeer participants served as possible to enjoy the different events.  In the south county, she provides Crafternoon classes on a monthly basis.  She invites volunteer matches as well clients on the waiting list to participate in a craft group at the High Rise in Jamestown.  For men, she offers Guy Time on a monthly basis. They have been able to tour different sites, play games, have guest speakers, attend Jammers games, do dinner, etc.  She has a great group of guys that enjoy this monthly event and look forward to it.  To help serve individuals in the north county, Stacey added a Crafternoon for women to enjoy at the First Presbyterian Church in Fredonia. Afterwards, she hosts monthly dinners to help serve Compeer participants in the north county.  She provides entertainment such as movie night, game night, Thanksgiving Feast, Bingo, and guest speakers.  Not only does Stacey plan monthly activities, she also does parties throughout the year. She invites all the volunteers, matched friends, as well as the unmatched youth and adults. The parties include: St. Patrick’s Day, Summer Picnic, Fall Festival, and a Holiday Party.  A lot of work is involved in planning these parties and monthly events, from the food to the entertainment.  Compeer does not provide transportation to events, but she has been able to coordinate rides for some people depending on where they live.   In addition to running the programs, she is also a Compeer volunteer for two people.  Congratulations Stacey!