July 2022

posted Jul 27, 2022, 1:48 PM by Swan, Vivian

Jamie Hilliker, ARM at the Gowanda CR is the staff member of the month as she showed exceptional skills in a very difficult situation involving a trial admission to the residence.   During a period of 24 hours the client displayed  behaviors, putting himself in a very dangerous situation.  Jamie was able to provide support and counseling to help the resident remain calm and safe.  Unfortunately the client continued to show behaviors that put himself and others into danger.  Jamie maintained communications with support services.   Jamie will be promoted in September to the Residential Manager position at the Gowanda Supervised residence.  Mary King, RM, is confident that she will continue to implement her many skills.  When there is a decision to make, Jamie shows her managerial abilities to sort through the options and devise a plan of action.  Jamie is very supportive, kind and professional to the consumers at this residence.   Congratulations Jamie!