July 2016

posted Jul 29, 2016, 9:35 AM by Swan, Vivian

Tim Regan is a long standing employee of the agency, having worked at multiple community residences including Park Ave, Perkins Hall, and now, Aldrich CR.  Each day, Tim arrives on time with a great attitude ready to do his part to ensure that Aldrich CR remains in top notch condition.  The CR has truly responded to Tim's efforts, little things are fixed before they become big problems, and the common areas are immaculate. In addition to these tasks, Tim handles the medication counting and ordering each evening.  Tim ensures that if a resident is low on a medication that he communicates it with his co-workers and plans when to pick it up.  With Tim, it really seems as though the little things are the things that count the most, like when he volunteered to stay late and help move a client to Wellsville at the last minute. He also volunteers to take residents to have their blood work completed first thing in the morning or comes in early in the evening to help transport a resident from the hospital back to the CR.  He will volunteer to pick up extra shifts to ensure the house is always covered. For all of these little things, and the multitude of other tasks Tim takes care of without ever mentioning, he deserves to be recognized.  Congratulations!