July 2012

posted Jul 27, 2012, 8:01 AM by Swan, Vivian   [ updated Oct 26, 2012, 6:59 AM by Wasiewicz, Mark ]
Tina Capito
, ARM at Olean Treatment Program, always demonstrates exceptional job performance.  She works in a professional manner with her clients and goes above and beyond her job duty descriptions.  She is very caring and compassionate.  Tina is also very dependable, responsible, and very organized.  The residents trust Tina and know that she will attend to situations in a timely and professional manner.  She has also gained the respect of other Mental Health providers that we work with in the area.  Tina has served on the Cattaraugus SPOA committee for two years.  She is very professional and offers much insight into the committee referral process.   Tina also completes Record Quality Audits for STEL and does a very thorough job and is well liked by other managers.  Tina has responded to many crisis situations in the past three months at the Olean Apartment Program.  In May, we found one of our residents, who has a child had taken an overdose of medications.  Tina called CPS and completed the intake information.  Tina worked with CPS to arrange the foster placement for the child.  Tina also assisted this manager in dealing with the police and medical professionals regarding this incident.  In June, we had another resident become Lithium toxic.  Tina recommended he go to the hospital, although unsure of the diagnosis, she knew that something was wrong.  In July, Tina met with family members who were concerned that something was not right with their son.  Tina went over with the manager and staff and was very reassuring to the family.  This resident had been drinking and needed to be moved ASAP to our office building apartments.  Tina has spent much time with this resident, counseling him and dealing with his symptoms and his alcohol relapse.  This is just some examples of Tina's professionalism, initiative, and responsible work ethic.  Congratulations Tina!