July 2011

posted Jul 27, 2011, 12:19 PM by Wasiewicz, Mark   [ updated Aug 23, 2011, 8:53 AM by Swan, Vivian ]

Maggie Travis
, Supported Housing Counselor in Olean, has been a remarkable addition to the team.  Maggie took over her position in Cattaraugus County seamlessly, instantly establishing rapport with her caseload and the other Supported Housing employees.  Maggie’s positive, boisterous personality has shown through instantly, but was especially evident during our recent camping activity in Allegany State Park.  Maggie and two of the consumers on her caseload brought their guitars and had the whole group smiling, laughing, singing and dancing for the entire two days.  Her talents were greatly appreciated by both staff and consumers, who were not shy about praising Maggie, and thanking her for the entertainment.  Maggie barely took a minute to rest during the two days.  When she was not playing and singing, she ran a bingo game (complete with prizes Maggie had obtained and brought).  She also taught consumers and staff some jewelry making techniques, which they were able to put into use utilizing all of Maggie’s personal supplies.  Maggie stayed at the camp site both nights and even volunteered to stay additional nights to assist other STEL programs.  I am sure next year the other programs will take her up on this offer!  Thank you Maggie, for all you did during the trip, and for all the effort and caring you put into your job every single day.  Congratulations Maggie!