January 2019

posted Jan 23, 2019, 1:11 PM by Swan, Vivian

Kristen Lockwood was nominated by Stacey Thomas.  Krissy was recently promoted to Residential Manager at the Prendergast CR.  She has been a phenomenal staff member during this critical period for the Jamestown programs.  Krissy has worked so hard these past couple of months and carried two separate caseloads while working at the North Main and Prendergast Community Residences. With all the doubles and extra hours that Krissy has put in, she still makes time for everyone around her.  I love that Krissy does not allow the countless number of hours she works, to effect her work.  Krissy has a passion for the work we do, plus has so much compassion for the people we serve as well as the staff. Krissy is reliable, dependable, hardworking, and is always there for anyone.  I could say so much more about Krissy, but I think the work she does for STEL, speaks volumes.  Those who know Krissy love her, and those who don't know her yet, will!  She has many strengths and is very dedicated. Congratulations!!