January 2017

posted Jan 30, 2017, 7:59 AM by Swan, Vivian

Elisha Gerholdt has been employed by STEL for nine years.  She started out working with JTAP as a counselor, but has spent the majority of her employment as Jamestown's SRO counselor.  Elisha has been an extremely dedicated, knowledgeable, and caring employee since the time she was hired.  Elisha has established a nice balance between being supportive and understanding, and being firm when she needs to be.  Elisha always takes the time to work through day to day struggles with her clients, and is constantly developing new strategies to help her clients maximize their independence.  Recently, Elisha dedicated several hours (at work and at home) to developing a plan that ensured that the SRO client's transportation needs were being met, while also limiting the dependence the clients had on staff transportation.  Elisha first called Medical Transportation for the nearly 30 clients currently in the SRO program.  She determined which clients were eligible, and made a separate plan for the few that were ineligible.  SRO staff are currently working with each individual in the program 1:1 to show the process and procedure of calling and planning medical transportation as a result.  Elisha was also able to adjust the weekly grocery run schedule to make the weekly outings more convenient for the staff transporting, while simultaneously ensuring that all of the clients had an equal number of opportunities to attend each month.  Elisha has also come up with new activity ideas and is present at nearly ever SRO or STEL event.  Elisha has also attended important community events with residents such as: The Out of Darkness Walk and The Walk to End Alzheimer's.  Elisha even drove residents in the STEL van in last year's Christmas Parade!  Elisha's never ending desire to improve the SRO program and client's lives positively promotes STEL in the community. Congratulations Elisha and thank you for everything you do!