January 2015

posted Jan 30, 2015, 9:26 AM by Swan, Vivian

Ann Marie McGavisk, RC is a valuable member of the Olean CR Team.  She is dedicated to supporting consumers not only in achieving their goals, but also in enhancing the quality of their lives.  Ann Marie has provided services and support to enable one consumer to dramatically reduce visits to the ER. Ann Marie provided daily support  to another consumer who has particular difficulty during the holidays and who was also facing an emotional family crisis this year during the holidays.  Ann Marie encouraged the consumer to use her coping techniques and to engage in a variety of activities and cooking over the holidays.  Ann Marie has a special talent for creating fun and educational in-house activities for the consumers.  Ann Marie agreed to assume responsibility for developing the monthly activity calendar and provides most of the activities. She makes a special effort to include consumers who initially claim not to be interested.  Everyone has a good time. Ann Marie completes the monthly smoke alarm checks.  Ann Marie completed additional responsibilities and worked additional hours in December when the RM was  on sick leave.  Ann Marie frequently volunteers to work overnights when scheduled staff are unable to work their hours.  Congratulations and thank you so much, Ann Marie.