February 2021

posted Mar 1, 2021, 12:32 PM by Swan, Vivian

Steven Bennett became a full time counselor over a year ago at the Prendergast CR. His dedication to our consumers shows how grateful we are to have him as an employee. During these tough times during the pandemic, Steve worked as many hours as the CR needed him too. The loyalty Steve has for our consumers is unbelievable. He is always trying to empower our consumers and always looking out for their best interest. Steve works long hours to make sure these consumers have what they need. Steve  is the true definition of a hard dedicated worker, and Kassandra Miranda is happy to have him a part of the Prendergast team. On behalf of the Prendergast staff and consumers Steve deserves this award. Let's not forget to mention that he also deserves a perfect attendance award as well as Steve is always here on time for his shift on a regular basis!  Congratulations!