February 2020

posted Feb 27, 2020, 5:42 AM by Swan, Vivian
Kim Gates, RC, from the Wellsville Supervised Program is the staff member of the month. Michele Henry states that Kim has been a long time employee in Wellsville. She has the responsibility of grocery shopping, menu planning, and at times meal prepping at the CR, as well tracking our food stamp amounts.  Kim enjoys cooking and provides support to our residents in planning the weekly menu.  She remains within budget for her grocery shopping and is always looking for ways to save money or improvise if the need arises.  Kim is always willing to pitch and help where needed.  With a staff shortage in the WLSV Apt/SRO program, Kim has helped in those sites to see that our residents needs are met.   In addition to these responsibilities, Kim maintains a caseload of 4 residents at the CR.  She also is supportive and helpful to her coworkers. Kim was recently working with one of her residents at the CR, and she noticed her difficulty in breathing. Kim persuaded the resident to go to the ER and get checked out.  As it turned out, the resident had pneumonia and was able to get treatment.  This is only a glimpse of what Kim brings to our agency.  Kim is always on the move and always willing to help out where she is needed.  Congratulations!