February 2018

posted Feb 27, 2018, 1:01 PM by Swan, Vivian

Drew Erlandson, SRO Manager, has been with STEL since August of 2006. He has served as Rehabilitation Counselor, Assistant Manager of Supported Housing,  and then manager of the North Main CR.  Elisha Gerholdt nominated Drew and stated she first met Drew while he was Assistant Manager of the SH Program.  At that time, I was impressed by his many positive traits and good nature.   However, it was not until 2015 when Drew became the manager of the SRO Program that I became fully aware of the incredible asset Drew is to STEL and to all that have had the privilege of working with him as coworker, employee or resident.  Drew is able to balance approach-ability and kindness as a supervisor with remaining focused on the needs of the program, which naturally inspires motivation and teamwork. In the office, he has a habit of regularly saying “good job!”- a simple phrase that reminds me that my efforts  and contributions are valued on the most discouraging of days.  Individually, Drew is devoted to the success of each SRO resident and provides encouragement when a resident is motivated to undertake any new venture.  During times of crisis, Drew is empathetic and patient and is often able to direct residents toward using supports and skills well before crisis services are needed. Drew’s attentive interest in each resident reinforces their individual strengths and creates a supportive environment that empowers, but does not foster dependence.  As a group, Drew has nurtured a SRO community of friends and allies, and a culture of creativity and fun. Residents are excited about contributing by preparing food, hosting events, and planning activities that spark their interests. Due to Drew’s enthusiastic and adventurous nature, a simple picnic is sure to become a great social event as residents look forward to spontaneous hikes, yard games like Cornhole and Kubb, and invariably lots of laughter. By hosting Monday Night Football at alternating SRO locations, Drew has brought social life to some of our most withdrawn residents. Drew is highly deserving of this recognition, in fact it’s long overdue. Thank you very much Drew for all that you do!! You’re truly doing a great job.  Congratulations!