December 2019

posted Dec 26, 2019, 8:16 AM by Swan, Vivian

Susan Erlandson is the staff member of the month. Susan has been an Associate Counselor with STEL for 18 years and has never called in sick once. Rachael Weaver, RM stated that Susan is very reliable and extremely punctual; her motto is “if you’re not 15 minutes early, you’re late”. Susan is willing to pick up shifts and adjust her work schedule to accommodate the needs of the residents and the program.  Susan always ensures that the residents get where they need to go. She is constantly taking residents to appointments near and far and also takes them on activities. Susan recently made accommodations in her personal time to stay late to take our residents Christmas shopping at the Erie mall per their request as we are currently short-staffed. Susan assists residents with cooking and learning daily living skills such as grocery shopping. There have been several requests for Sue’s famous meatloaf and her broccoli & cheese soup (both from residents and staff)! If Susan bakes something at home she will almost always bring in extra for the residents and she bakes Christmas cookies for the CR every year. Susan is always bringing in magazines, greeting cards and calendars for the residents as well.  Susan is a pro in assisting residents with securing financial entitlements such as funding through DSS and SSI. Susan assists with completing applications, attending appointments, and answering difficult or confusing questions during the interview and/or appeal process. Susan follows up with providers after all appointments and any time clarification is needed.  Susan’s drive and willingness to help is astounding. She follows direction well and always takes action immediately with 100% follow -through. Susan always says “You can’t just do what you’re told; you have to do what you’re told and like it!” She never complains about anything and is willing to get her hands dirty. She cleans bedrooms, does laundry, paints walls, salts the driveway, and even installs air conditioners if asked; all of which goes above and beyond her job description. Her skill set goes far beyond anything this nomination could ever reach.  Susan gives and gives and gives never asking for anything in return. Her selflessness is amazing and she is a perfect example of a positive role model. Susan is an invaluable employee, a supportive counselor, an excellent listener, an irreplaceable co-worker, a true team player and the epitome of a genuinely good person. Susan is a true asset to STEL and we are so blessed to have her on our team!   Congratulations!