December 2018

posted Dec 21, 2018, 11:41 AM by Swan, Vivian

Jamie Hillker, RC at the Gowanda CR, was nominated by Mary King for demonstrating job performance above and beyond the call of duty.  Jamie maintains her caseload without waiver.  She and her clients work very well together, and she is very creative in formulating objectives with her clients to work on areas of need.  Jamie has been covering the weekend overnight position since July of this year, and works diligently whether it is on the overnight or on her regular shifts.  Jamie is driven by her passion to work in this field and makes a difference in the lives of the clients we serve.  She is beyond special, and beyond over and above the call of duty.  Jamie is a treasure and the staff and clients at the Gowanda CR are so grateful that she is an integral part of the team.  Congratulations!