posted Dec 21, 2017, 12:30 PM by Swan, Vivian

The staff member of the month is Rachael Weaver, Residential Manager at the North Main CR. The staff at the residence nominated their fearless leader by stating Rachael is a wonderful manager who combines getting the job done with an award winning personality. Rachael goes out of her way to make both residents and staff feel valued and appreciated. She constantly finds the good in people and has a unique talent to bring out the best in everyone.  During Rachael’s tenure as manager, she has encouraged residents to meet their full potential and has helped give them the tools and confidence to move forward.  Rachael goes above and beyond and is a dedicated and committed member of the STEL family.  Rachael has the biggest heart and is the most compassionate person you would ever meet.  She is more than deserving of the honor of staff of the month!  Congratulations Rachael!