August 2020

posted Aug 26, 2020, 7:40 AM by Swan, Vivian

Stacey Thomas of JTAP was promoted to Interim Residential Manager  while Lori Karalus  is on temporary leave.  Lynn Calpin stated Stacey has shown her strength and commitment to the program, staff, and clients through her continued hard work and determination to fulfill her duties as an Interim Residential Manager while continuing her duties as a Rehabilitation Counselor.  Her compassion for the JTAP clients is  evident in her daily efforts to ensure their happiness and health.  Stacey worked diligently to assist in a challenging situation that required hours of her time each day, all to ensure the safety and services of one of her clients.  She truly went above and beyond to find services and shelter for this individual and sought out numerous resources in the community to assist in securing his and the community's safety.  The entire JTAP team has rallied and worked cooperatively together to ensure the operations of the program are uninterrupted.  Congratulations Stacey!