August 2019

posted Aug 28, 2019, 7:10 AM by Swan, Vivian

Tasha Johnson, RC at JTAP,  is the Employee of the Month. Stacey Thomas wrote that Tasha handled a potentially life threatening incident with a client and her medications.  The client was seen by both a primary care doctor and a psychiatrist at the same place.  When Tasha received the medication list, Tasha immediately noticed that her client was prescribed two of the same medications by both doctors.  Tasha got right on the phone to rectify and to clarify which medications her client should take.  Tasha received no response, but continued to call for the next three days.  When Tasha had a day off,  she called the JTAP office to ask staff to contact the nurse.  Tasha would not dispense the medications to her client until she had spoken with someone.  Staff called and explained to the supervisor that Tasha has been calling for the past three days in regards to these medications.  When this writer told the supervisor of the the medications in question, the supervisor immediately said that it was quick thinking on Tasha's part in not giving her clients the medications in question, as dispensing the medications could have been detrimental. The supervisor thanked staff and asked to apologize to Tasha for it taking so long for someone to respond, and also for being diligent in handling this matter, as it possibly saved her client’s life.  Kudos to Tasha for being on her toes, and for putting her client's safety first and foremost.  Congratulations Tasha!