August 2018

posted Aug 27, 2018, 12:13 PM by Swan, Vivian

Marissa Cussins, RM at Park Avenue is the staff member of the month. Jennifer Nagel first began working with Marissa when she was a student intern at the Park Avenue CR in 2015. She has watched her grow from a student of the social work profession to the Residential Manager of our Park Avenue CR.  What is most impressive about Marissa is that no matter the situation, she always addresses it in a positive manner with a sense of calmness. Marissa always responds to client-related problems quickly, efficiently, and independently. Marissa is a team-player, but she is also very capable of independent decision making. She is able to seek out the appropriate resources, within STEL and/or within the community, to help the client as best as she can. When participating in Utilization Management Reviews with Marissa, she always empowers clients to lead their own reviews, but is respectful to them if they choose not to. She is person-centered and always has the clients' best interests in mind. Marissa represents the field of social work so well, and Jennifer stated how happy that Marissa is part of our STEL team.  Congratulations!