August 2016

posted Aug 19, 2016, 8:50 AM by Swan, Vivian

Emily Garey is the ARM of the Gowanda Supervised and GTAP. It is my honor to nominate Emily for Staff member of the month, but to me and others who know Emily, she is our staff member of the year. Emily possesses a commitment to the development of the Gowanda programs. More importantly she is committed to providing support to those in need.  This  includes the current clients at the GTA, but also to those who have transitioned out of the program and needed support. Recently she found herself with a former client waiting in downtown Buffalo for a bus ride to rehab.  Emily was able to set up the client with the rehabilitation program despite resistance from his insurance in covering.  Emily has undertaken numerous projects for the betterment of the programs and consumers.  Most recently she is working on the transitioning out of three apartments and the office to a new location that has been recently built by one of our  landlords. Emily's service delivery with her caseload and those in the program is outstanding and meeting the needs and future goals of the residents.  Preparations for the recent inspection for OMH was reviewed and Mr. Goodwin's comment was "I got nothing here." Emily is highly organized and motivated each and every day which is enlightening to everyone around her.  Congratulations Emily, from the staff and the consumers of Gowanda Supervised and GTAP. - Mary King