April 2020

posted Apr 30, 2020, 12:59 PM by Swan, Vivian

Ina Wright, Supportive Housing Counselor in Jamestown, is the Staff Member of the Month.  Scott Edwards, SH Manager, states she has handled the COVID upheaval with relative ease.  Ina has been an incredible support to her caseload and coworkers during this time.  Ina has worked more than she has been asked to and has taken great personal responsibility in assuring her caseload is not only served, but adequate documentation and record keeping standards are maintained.  It has been a joy to listen to Ina walk her clients through very difficult and stressful situations over the phone and provide exceptional supportive counseling.  Ina even worked off hours ensuring a very sick client had somebody to talk to while she battled illness and awaited her COVID test results.  Ina has continued to go out into the community to ensure her caseload can be served by local food pantries as well as other essential supplies acquired through shopping trips in the city.  Ina has placed two new consumers in housing during this time, including securing housing for a consumer and her daughter escaping homelessness as they fled a domestic violence situation.  She is always an excellent employee, but Ina's actions in this time of crisis really stand out and display what an asset she is to the agency.  Congratulations Ina!