Staff Member of the Month

January 2023

posted Jan 31, 2023, 12:17 PM by Swan, Vivian

Elisha Gerholdt is the Staff Member of the Month.  Elisha has been with the agency since 2007 and fairly new to the Management role as SRO Manager in Jamestown.  Elisha has made a smooth transition into her new position. She is well organized and extremely efficient with her workload.  Elisha has a good handle on day to day activities and is flexible and able to shift gears to address immediate concerns.  She has developed a good rapport with the clients at the SRO program and works hard to meet their needs and advocate for community supports when needed.  She is responsible for the management of 33 clients and 9 SRO sites.  She has taken extra time to make sure group activities are planned for the SRO clients so they have time to share together  in a social environment which they seem to enjoy.  Congratulations on a job well done, Elisha.


Wayne Cross Award & Success of the Year

posted Dec 21, 2022, 12:35 PM by Swan, Vivian

The Consumer Council Committee created an award to honor Wayne Cross, a long-time staff member whose many accomplishments and generous works enhanced the lives of so many at STEL. The Wayne Cross Award recognizes a staff member whose contribution of time, talent, and treasures have made a significant impact to the STEL organization. This year, Lori Karalus, Residential Manager of Jamestown Treatment Apartment Program, is the award winner of the Wayne Cross Award. 


The Success of the Year Award recognizes a STEL Consumer who is highly motivated to succeed and focused on their capacity to improve and grow. This year’s award recipient is Anthony Metzger of the Jamestown Supportive Housing Program.


Congratulations Lori & Anthony!


Congratulations to all the nominees this year! Tina Capito, Kim Gates, Tasha Johnson, Josie Reyes, and Stacey Thomas. The success nominees include: Walter Doyle, Sarah Martonis, William Patrick, Joan Pitcher, and Mary Sue Reynolds.


November 2022

posted Nov 22, 2022, 12:36 PM by Swan, Vivian

Tammy Querns, ARM of the Olean Treatment Apartments is the Staff Member of the Month.  She is an invaluable member of the OTAP team.  Firstly, Tammy has an amazing ability to connect with clients, and they know she truly cares about them.  Tina Capito, RM, states that she trusts Tammy implicitly.  She often takes calls from staff at home, and also helps with anything needed. Tammy recently assisted with preparing for the upcoming OMIG audit, and helped cover the RM’s client care.  Tammy also uses her connections in the community to secure food boxes for clients in need, and to secure other donations that contribute to the health and well being of OTAP residents.  Tammy is invaluable during times of crisis, assisting the RM on several fronts, including clinical supervision and client care. Tammy is kind and supportive, a true team player, and 100% dedicated to the work we do.  All the OTAP clients and staff appreciate Tammy and everything she does for us.  We simply cannot praise her enough.   Congratulations Tammy!


October 2022

posted Oct 27, 2022, 9:07 AM by Swan, Vivian

Kim Gates, ARM for the Wellsville Programs, is staff member of the month.  Michele Henry, RM, states that not only have we had many staff changes in the last few months, but we have also been short staffed as well.  Kim has risen to the challenge.  She is working with residents at the CR, in the apartment program and residents in our SRO program.  Kim is great at problem solving and making sure all three programs are staffed.  In addition to working with residents, Kim also does the grocery shopping and menu planning at the WLSV CR.  She works with the residents to plan menus, and stays within out program budget.   Kim works great with our residents and has a positive approach when assisting them with their concerns.  Kim works well with our service providers and advocates for the needs of our residents.  Kim works long hours and also covers shifts when needed.  I appreciate the support and assistance that she gives to me in an effort to make my day easier!  Congratulations Kim!


September 2022

posted Oct 3, 2022, 10:16 AM by Swan, Vivian   [ updated Nov 3, 2022, 12:35 PM by Wasiewicz, Mark ]

Diane Faison has worked at the North Main CR as an RC for the past 13 years. Rachael Weaver states that Diane has always gone above and beyond with helping out at the CR and ensuring that our residents are taken care of. Due to being short-staffed and having coworkers taking vacations, Diane has been especially helpful over the past several months by covering shifts whenever necessary. Whether it is a last minute call-in or an overnight shift Diane volunteers to help out anytime she is available. She is a true team player and is exceptional in emergency situations. We absolutely adore Diane and are so thankful to have her on our team at North Main!  Congratulations Diane!


August 2022

posted Aug 31, 2022, 8:46 AM by Swan, Vivian

Michele Henry is the Staff Member of the Month for August.  Michele has been a STEL team member for over 35 years, and manages the Wellsville Community Residence, Treatment Apartments and the Wellsville SRO program. Lynn Calpin stated that Michele continues her dedication to the Wellsville programs, residents and the community with the same energy as she did early on in her career.  She works countless hours to ensure the program is running smoothly and the clients needs are being met.  It is evident that her care for the client's well being, health and happiness is paramount, and she holds herself and her team to this standard. She is an active member of the community sitting on various committees and instrumental in the happenings in Allegheny County. She is well respected by area providers and is a wealth of knowledge in the mental health sector.  Congratulations Michele and thank you for your years of service!


July 2022

posted Jul 27, 2022, 1:48 PM by Swan, Vivian

Jamie Hilliker, ARM at the Gowanda CR is the staff member of the month as she showed exceptional skills in a very difficult situation involving a trial admission to the residence.   During a period of 24 hours the client displayed  behaviors, putting himself in a very dangerous situation.  Jamie was able to provide support and counseling to help the resident remain calm and safe.  Unfortunately the client continued to show behaviors that put himself and others into danger.  Jamie maintained communications with support services.   Jamie will be promoted in September to the Residential Manager position at the Gowanda Supervised residence.  Mary King, RM, is confident that she will continue to implement her many skills.  When there is a decision to make, Jamie shows her managerial abilities to sort through the options and devise a plan of action.  Jamie is very supportive, kind and professional to the consumers at this residence.   Congratulations Jamie!


June 2022

posted Jun 23, 2022, 1:10 PM by Swan, Vivian

Heather Moynihan, RC at GTAP is Staff Member of the Month.  The Gowanda Team is incredibly lucky to have Heather on board. She is always willing to take on any task asked of her and pick up open shifts at any program. Her ability to adapt to any circumstance is nothing less than admirable. Recently, Heather really stepped it up to get “allofthethings” done while staff was out unexpectedly sick for a week. We all know how daunting it can be to come back from time off and have a pile of things to catch up on. Heather made sure her co-worker didn’t have that pile to address while managing her own high needs caseload, and she did so without complaint or compromise in her quality of work. Heather has also been absolutely amazing in managing the cancer treatment of a GTAP resident. She has adapted her schedule as needed to spend hours and days accompanying the client to treatments, communicating with providers and family, and ensuring the resident is safe in their apartment. Everyone who has worked with Heather knows she regularly goes above and beyond for the residents, but she is also known as a true supporter of her co-workers and managers. Thank you for everything you do Snacks!! We wouldn’t be the team we are without you. Congratulations!


May 2022

posted May 31, 2022, 8:58 AM by Swan, Vivian

Jill Owen is the Staff Member of the Month for May. She is the Assistant Residential Manager at the Prendergast CR. Jill not only goes above and beyond the call of duty, she also does everything with a smile and a upbeat attitude. Jill does her job well. Her positive attitude exudes throughout the CR. Jill is approachable and fun. All staff and consumers absolutely adore and respect Jill.  Congratulations!


April 2022

posted Apr 15, 2022, 9:04 AM by Swan, Vivian

Supportive Housing would like to recognize the whole maintenance department for Staff Members of the Month.  There is not one person we would like to recognize because all of them have been a pleasure to work with.  They have displayed patience, flexibility and understanding to staff and consumers. Maintenance has regularly made themselves available on short notice whether it be to change locks in order to make a client feel comfortable to leave for an extended time or cleaning out an apartment last minute.  No job that we have asked them to do, have they turned down. The guys have also provided assistance with being on sight in some of the most dangerous situations we have dealt with in recent years.  They simply have made our lives easier.  Thank you very much to all of you.  Congratulations!


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