Notes: Chart Events

 Chart Event Name Must Enter Due Date? Does AWARDS Auto-Generate Due Date? Comments/Notes
 Annual Dental Examx  
 Annual Eye Exam
 Annual Medical Examx  
 Annual OB/GYN Examx  
 Annual TB Screenx  
 Emergency Contact(s) Updatex  
 Functional Assessmentx  
 Mammogram Examx  
 MD Authorization x This is generated by whatever date is put into the "Next Authorization Due Date" on the face sheet.
 Photograph Consent Updatex  
 Photograph Updatex  
 Resident Agreement Updatex  
 Self-Preservation Testx  
 Utilization Reviewx
 Utilization Review - Initialx

What we don't use
ADL Assessment
Annual Dx Update
Health Assessment
Post Discharge Follow-Up
Psychiatric Assessment
Psychosocial History
Rent Agreement Update
Sex/Phys Abuse Assessment